DGBMT Students Competition

The DGBMT calls for participation of students presenting their research projects or diploma theses results. The best contributions are awarded certificates and prizes (posters and oral presentations in a common process).

  1. Prize: 1000 EUR
  2. Prize: 300 EUR
  3. Prize: 200 EUR

These submissions are subject to the conference peer review process and subsequently an additional evaluation based on quality, degree of innovation and presentation of the scientific-technical work.

The best 10 papers are assessed by jurors during the oral or poster sessions of the BMT conference and a ranking established. All finalists receive a participation certificate. Criteria for assessment by jurors of the Fachausschuss Aus- und Weiterbildung der DGBMT im VDE see here

Conditions of participation:

Only first authors are admitted for presentation at the BMT conference satisfying the following conditions:

  • at the time of submission they must be enrolled as a student at a university
  • they have to be younger than 30 years on the last day of the conference and
  • a member of the DGBMT (or of one of the two affiliate societies in Austria or Switzerland or another scientific biomedical engineering society). (In the first year DGBMT membership comes free of charge for students.)

If parts of dissertations are submitted, the doctoral degree should not yet be finished. In consequence scientific assistants, doctoral students, and PhD students are allowed to participate if they fulfill all listed requirements.
A completed application application form and an informal letter of recommendation
(application endorsement for participation in the student competition) written for instance by a university lecturer or professor supervising the thesis or dissertation shall be submitted in electronic form (PDF documents) together with the paper (conference paper). The paper shall present only current research work which may have been completed not more than one year before the deadline for submission (exception: dissertations that may not be completed). In the absence of supporting documents the participant’s submission will be rejected and removed from the evaluation process.

Preparation of the paper:

Papers for the DGBMT student competition may be submitted for oral or poster presentation. Based on the conference evaluation the type of presentation is assigned by the conference
scientific advisory board. In the case of team work the submitted paper must refer to the personal contribution of the author only.

The submitted paper (conference paper) for the DGBMT student competition must at least include 2 pages but should not exceed a maximum of 4 pages (PDF document, no password protection) and should be written in English language, if not defined otherwise.

Please use the mandatory structuring and formatting template when preparing abstracts and conference papers (templates see download below). For submission of abstracts and conference papers (PDF document without password protection). Abstracts and papers have to be uploaded in EDAS.

Templates for Student-Competition: